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Who is Sichbo Interactive?

Simon Bond is the sole proprietor of Sichbo Interactive with around 15 years experience developing industry leading software solutions with the Microsoft .NET Runtime.

Past Work

  • SichboDB

    2013 - current | author

    The SichboDB engine is a LINQ enabled asynchronous and parallel CLR object storage database engine, designed for client applications needing high insert performance and full-text indexing capability.
  • SichboSDK

    2008 - current | author

    Media Foundry Inc. are the authorised resellers of Sichbo Interactive's media/video SDK framework, sold under the Trillium brand (formerly Zirconium.) The SDK covers a vast array of mission critical video capture, playback and Direct3D compositing features.
  • SichboPVR

    2008 - current | author

    SichboPVR is a hardware-accelerated HD DVR TV application that is designed to work with most BDA DVB-S, DVB-T and ATSC tuners. It is the original inspiration and primary test battery for the commercially sold Trillium SDK, and recently the SichboDB engine.
  • WORK[etc]

    2005 - 2011 | programmer/architect

    WORK[etc] is the online business management suite from Australian entrepreneur Daniel Barnett. Developed in 2005, the product has grown to become the foundation for thousands of online business around the globe.


To talk about software development ideas feel free to contact me, Simon Bond.