Sichbo Interactive

Professional programmer for 16 years.

.NET / C / C++ / ASM / SQL

based in Nova Scotia, Canada

LiveLabSpace is a collaborative scientific research platform intended to help foster the growth of live open science, as well as solve today's “research reproducibility” and “data reuse” problems. LIVELAB.SPACE
Civil Money is an open source debt-free monetary system which aims to provide a unified global currency that can guide us toward a more civilised human society. It features:
  • A generous universal basic income.
  • An implicit and inverted taxation system (tax is a money "creation" feature.)
  • A low barrier to entry.
  • Democratic voting for any fundamental changes to the system.
  • Transparent transactions and accountability.
  • Automatic dispute resolution.
  • A scalable, consensus-based peer-to-peer server architecture.
  • An efficient and easy to work with messaging format.
  • End-to-end TLS between all peers and user clients.
SichboPVR is a free TV application for Windows XP through 10 featuring all of the usual live TV and DVR functionality. Built from the ground up, including a custom direct3d user interface. No dependencies other than the Windows OS and runtime. SICHBOPVR.COM
WORKetc (formerly Veetro) is an all-in-one online business management platform that I built and co-founded with business partner Daniel Barnett in 2005. Still doing well today with a team of staff and healthy user base, I decided to exit the company in 2013 to focus on video codecs. WORKETC.COM
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